Musical Journey

Mohamed Noor shares highlights of his ever-evolving journey

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At a point in my very early twenties, what seemed to be the end of a stable income life, job, being with people I cared about - my  brothers, friends and parents here in Singapore , turned out to be a dark tunnel I had to go through, not seeing my destination at all, but that had led me to the greater world of percussive knowledge, sounds and musicality that  I have known, played, arranged, love  and composed today.


I left Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with not a single plan of what to do but that I felt I needed to get out. 


While there, the unexpected turned out to be like me going through a wormhole and I was squeezed to apply every creative potential and ideas from within me to realise my strength as a composer and to arrange percussions that were other than the Indian percussions I had known, learnt, played, performed and grew up with since age 5. 


It was there and then that I started to be really opened up to the world music of percussions and drums and therefore, other forms of percussive plays. I met my mentor then, Louis Perkasam. Louis is ___________,  he has a natural way of _________


It was through his influence and challenges thrown at me of which I took every challenge thrown my way. I explored, researched and went head on with my discoveries. I was relentless in my exploration and keeping focused. It was the best and a huge turning point life offered me, so you could possibly imagine my deepest gratitude


Organically, my presence and contributions​ began to be noticed by others from different music industries. This was also a point where I was exposed to international engineers and recording facilities.

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Now  . . .


Uncovered a vast world of potentialities in sound, rhythm and melodic expressions, that  I can say is my own signature, yet it flows and weaves in space and spacelessness, that which I've no control of because it isn't about control.


This can be experienced in my recent works. It isn't a new identity for me because it's in me all along. I'm just experiencing it fuller as I give myself more to my heart and my music.



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Mohamed Noor 

Growing up in a multi-talented musical family, Mohamed Noor began his music career playing the Indian percussions at the age of 5.

His desire and love of music has inspired him to later on play a great variety of percussion instruments from different parts of the world

Today, Mohamed Noor plays over more than 25 percussion instruments from around the world. 

This has given him the extra edge to being known as a versatile Percussionist and Drummer around Asia.

With a wealth of musical experience, multi-talented Percussionist/Drummer/Composer/Arranger and Producer, Mohamed Noor has created a unique style for himself playing the drums and percussions together.


Mohamed Noor has since produced 2 albums  of his own - Rebirth (2012) and Time in Hand (2019). Both are World Music Albums

He remained active in the Singapore Night Scenes, and still does.

He is passionate about promoting Drums and Percussions here in Singapore and South East Asia, and has been actively teaching and conducting clinics and master classes, in Singapore and around Asia