2019 Latest release 

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Time In Hand  -

An Instrumental album featuring the sounds of The Handpan with the Yidaki (Didgeridu), Dan Moi (Jaw Harp) and various authentic traditional percussion instruments from around the world. 


'Time In Hand' - Music through movement, vibration, space and sound. The music in this album is an expression to evolve freely, be in harmony with one's soul, life and its surrounding. 

This album aims to inspire and motivate the listener to excel in

one's journey of life.

Executive Producer, Composer & Arranger  MOHAMED NOOR BSY 

Co- Producers & Co- Arrangers  REGGIE PERERA | R SIVA SAI SARAVANAN 

Supported by 


Mix Produce , Sound design and Mastered by

Bob Katz, Digital Domain

Album available for download in the following platforms: 

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96kHz/24bit  HD quality (MP4/FLAC/WAV) - Downloadable HERE

HD tracks only available for purchase on this website.